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Ways to bank
Ways to bank
Products and Services
Products and Services
Borrow for your needs
Insure what matters
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Save towards a particular goal
Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're ready for the unexpected

Savings and Investment Accounts

Plan for your financial future with our savings and investment accounts, which have been expertly crafted to help you reach your medium to long-term goals.

What are you looking for?
Bonus Investment Account-Product Image
Bonus Investment Account

A Bonus Investment allows you to invest a lump sum over a chosen period and rewards you with bonus interest on maturity of your investment

Call Account-Product Image
Call Account

Earn interest with quick access to your rainy-day funds

fixed deposit account-product image
Fixed Deposit Account

Set your investment period, make a single deposit, and see your money grow at a fixed rate

PureSave Account-Product Image
PureSave Account

Get into the habit of putting away money regularly with this easy-to-use savings account

Sibekelo Account-Product Image
Sibekelo Account

Sibekelo Account is an affordable, structured savings plan that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

We also offer
Online Banking-Product Image
Online Banking

Create your online profile to unlock the full range of DIY banking features and start managing your money from any device

Gold Credit Card
Gold Credit Card

Get affordable access to credit with a Gold card that’s packed with everyday benefits