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Business Working Capital

A Business working capital Loan is a customised loan for a fixed term and is repaid in instalments of between six and twenty four months

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Invoice Discounting

With our Invoice Discounting Facility, your business can draw money against invoices issued for completed contracts before payment is received from your creditors

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Commercial Property Loan

This is a medium to long-term loan used to buy property for rental. The product also allows for release of equity from existing completed commercial property. Commercial property includes offices, shopping centres, mixed use and industrial properties as well as residential properties that are leased to third parties

Overdraft image

Make payments directly from your business current account and manage your cash flow with a business overdraft facility

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Revolving Short Term Loan

A short-term loan used to finance short term working capital gaps for your business

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Trader Loans

We offer Import and Export products to help you trade your goods and services across borders

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Vehicle and Asset Finance

Get our vehicle and asset finance (VAF) facility which will provide you with short- to medium-term funding to finance the purchase of moveable assets, such as motor vehicles, for your business