Private Banking

At Private Banking we seek to maximise value for our clients through a personalised approach to financial solutions.  We cater for high net worth Individuals by invitation only. Our clients have access to a Private Banking suite where services are relationship-based. Our services are brought to you through two Private Banking Suites located in Mbabane and Manzini.  These Suites offer full banking services, including telling and Internet banking facilities. 

What does it offer me?

  • Transactional banking
  • Private Banking Current account
  • Private Banking Debit card
  • Private Banking Credit and Garage card
  • Diners Club Card
  • Access to lifestyle and travel privileges, and exclusive benefits.
  • Lending

Wealth creation often requires assets and debt to work together, innovatively. Whether you need our expertise in financing a short- or long-term goal, we will create the flexibility you need.

We develop solutions that range from standard short- to medium-term facilities like overdrafts and personal loans to complex longer term facilities like our vehicle and asset loans and home loan offerings tailor repayment terms to suit your cash flow.

  • Investment

Ideally, you should diversify your investments between different asset classes to reduce risks and/or improve return. We have a number of investment and saving products to meet your different needs and objectives.  We also offer competitive interest rates on our term deposit and call deposit accounts.


  • Wealth creation
  • Offshore services

We are able to deliver the following services to you through Standard Bank Offshore:

- Offshore investments in the jurisdictions of Isle of Man, Jersey and Mauritius

- Accounts  available in US dollars, pounds, euro and Australian dollars

- A dedicated Relationship Manager

- Debit card and Internet banking for easy access to your funds

- Movement of funds to and from offshore accounts

- Diversification of your investments.


  • Pricing proposition 

            - Preferential pricing

            - Price for risk

  • Sales proposition 

            - Pro-active customer engagement

            - Communication

  • Service Proposition 

            - Dedicated Private Banker

            - Regular contact management

  • Channel Proposition 

            - Private Banking Suites

            - Branch management interface

            - All other channels are available including Internet, ATMs, POS, mobile banking, and Smart App


Who can apply?

  • Executives of private and listed companies and corporates
  • Diplomats and senior management of embassies and NGOs
  • Senior parastatal and government officials
  • Individuals with significant investable assets and extensive wealth needs
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners
  • Professionals (doctors, attorneys, accountants, architects)



Online Banking

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