The Standard Bank Funeral Plan

Loss of life may not be a thought that crosses our minds often, but it is an unpreventable part of life. The Standard Bank Funeral Plan will ensure that you have financial support to take care of the costs associated with funeral and burial arrangements. The Plan has 4 categories - Basic, Classic, Funeral Plus and the Comprehensive Plan. You can choose the most suitable one according to your needs and affordability. Each category covers: · A policyholder, · 1 spouse · And a maximum of 6 children

Cover Options

Basic Cover

  • Main Member: E5 000
  • Monthly Premium: E28.00

Classic Cover

  • Mani Member: E10 000
  • Monthly Premium: E52.00

Funeral Plus Cover

  • Main Member: E15 000
  • Monthly Premium: E85.00

Comprehensive Cover

  • Main Member: E20 000
  • Monthly Premium: E133.00

Who qualifies for cover?

Any Standard Bank account holder with a transactional account. 

All our plans have a 12 months waiver period in the event that the main member dies and the policy has been active for at least 12 months.  The spouse and children will receive free cover for 12 months

Premium Payments

Premiums will be debited from the customer’s Standard Bank account on the first working day of each month. If there are insufficient funds we will try to collect the premium during the month.

All valid claims will be paid within 48 hour after all the required claim documents have been submitted to Standard Bank


  • A completed Claim form
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Certified copy of deceased’s identity document
  • Certified copy of Marriage certificate / Proof of relationship
  • Additional documents may be required at claim stage


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