Vehicle and asset finance

This specialist finance provides you as way to afford to get an asset such as a car when you want it. Once the period is complete you have the option to gain ownership and title of the asset outright for a nominal price. There are different types of finance available for these larger assets and we will help you choose the loan that will get you moving the soonest.

What does it offer me

Asset turnover within a period of 3 to 5 years in line with technology changes

Taxation life of assets are shortened

Customers can structure repayments to preserve cashflow for business

Customers enjoy use and benefit of the asset immediately

Stay ahead of competitors by upgrading your asset more frequently with us

Short-term insurance cover for asset financed

Types of assets financed

We offer finance options for new and used as well as imported assets, including:


Passenger and commercial cars

Other commercial and personal vehicles, such as boats

Capital equipment, including plant and machinery, mining equipment, printing and press machinery equipment

Medical and specialised healthcare equipment

Construction and earth moving equipment

Agricultural equipment

Vehicle finance products

Personal vehicle finance
At Standard Bank, we like to make owning a vehicle less complicated and yet affordable for you and offer an number of options for personal vehicle finance, including:

Individual vehicle finance scheme

As an individual, you may apply for a facility based on your monthly income and retirement age. Expatriates working in the country with an unexpired term in their contract of more than two years, may also apply.

Company car schemes – We offer a range of tailor-made solutions, including:

  • Direct finance - We finance the employer on a normal finance transaction or on a rental (operating lease) basis. The employer then allows the employee use of the vehicle
  • Guaranteed scheme – We provide finance to employees while the employer provides the guarantee that monthly deductions will be made from the employee’s salary, ensuring that all payments are met while the employee remains with the company and guarantees the settlement of all finance deals
  • Administrative scheme - We provide finance for employees, while the employer offers administrative support with monthly deductions from the employee’s salary and informing us about resignations and retrenchments

Asset-based term loan

This arrangement is best suited to you if you are VAT exempt and wish to enjoy the benefits of asset-based finance or businesses which seek to invest in plants and machinery, where joint ownership is not permitted on conventional registration documents. We provide you with a specific asset loan with a debenture or chattel mortgage as surety.

Sale and lease-back

This option is only available to corporates which wish to raise cash for working capital by “selling” their unencumbered assets to us and we refinance them over a specific period of time. Due to complexities in accounting, income tax, and VAT implications, this type of finance is offered on a restricted basis. If you wish to investigate this option, please speak to our specialists who will be happy to discuss in detail.

Who can apply

You may apply for vehicle and asset finance provided you:

Are 18 years or older

Are a Swazi citizen or permanent resident with a valid identity document

Have a transactional account into which your salary is deposited or have a bank statement for a period of more than six months, but you are willing to open an account with us

Small and medium enterprises, corporates, non-governmental organisations and government entities

How to apply

E-mail our trained consultants on and they will be in touch with you very soon. You can also visit your nearest Standard Bank branch for more information.


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