Credit Card

Unleash the wonder of convenience in your pocket. Swipe your Standard Bank credit card from Master card and enjoy effortless payments with easy access to credit. No interest for 55 days on POS payments plus you receive free travel insurance whenever you purchase an airplane ticket. Whatever your next is, there’s a credit card with benefits you are looking for.

Benefits of a credit card

  • Global Access – Master Card is accepted in over 20million locations globally
  • Quick and Easy – No collateral required. Fast access to with streamlined assessments and simplified documentation
  • Instant access to credit – Offers instant spending power with convenient means for payments and accessing credit
  • POS benefits – you get 55days interest free on all Point Of Sale transactions, no transaction fees on all POS ( excluding fuel/ garage transactions)
  • Travel Insurance – Get free travel insurance with every plane ticket purchase
  • Credit life Insurance – Credit life insurance is available to all cardholders
  • Repayment Options – flexible repayment options of 10% or full payment amount at end of the end of the 55days grace period

Requirements Needed To Apply for a Credit Card

  • A transactional account
  • ID Copy
  • Valid passport / work permit if you are an expatriate
  • Proof residence ( utility bill, not older than 3months from issue)
  • 3 months payslips
  • Current  contract (if you work on contract basis)
  • Current bank statements

The Cards on Selection

Platinum Credit Card

Take your private banking experience to the next level with Platinum credit card.

  • Monthly Fee

          E 80.70

  • Min Monthly Income

          E 35 000

  • Credit Limit

          E 250 000

  • Interest Rate


Gold Credit Card

Get affordable access to credit with a Gold card that’s packed with everyday benefits.

  • Monthly Fee

          E 50.44

  • Min Monthly Income

          E 5 000

  • Credit Limit

          E 100 000

  • Interest Rate


7 Reasons to get a credit card

A credit card is a must-have financial tool. Learn more about the reasons to get a credit card.

1. The convenience factor

Your credit card gives you instant access to money without you actually having to carry it around.

2. Security is top priority

The security features that go into a credit card makes it safe to not only shop online but also in-store. Payment apps like MasterPass™ make your credit card even safer, and easier, to use. And if something does happen, most credit cards comes standard with lost card protection.

3. Accepted worldwide

You can use your MasterCard and Visa credit card to pay for things while abroad. And if it’s super urgent, you can even withdraw cash from ATMs, but it'll cost you.

4. Build up credit record

When applying for vehicle finance or a personal or home loan, your bank will look at your credit history. Using and paying off a credit card timeously is an easy way to build up a positive credit record. This means quicker approval for loans and possibly even lower interest rates.

5. Collect rewards

Most banks offer extra Reward Points with their credit cards, where you can score anything from cash back and free petrol to discounts on flights and holiday adventures (you can even donate to charity!).

6. Emergency fund

The budget facility on a credit card means you can pay off big expenses, like an unexpected medical emergency, a new fridge or a missed flight, in monthly instalments.

7. Free travel insurance

Receive free basic travel insurance when paying for overseas flights with your credit card (along with the option of taking up additional comprehensive insurance at preferential rates).

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