BizCover short term insurance

Standard Bank offers market leading cover for start-up businesses, BizCover. This is a short-term insurance offering that covers the most prevalent risk exposures facing a business. It protects your business against many risks under one policy, is easy to activate with the completion of a one-page form, and comes at a low monthly premiums. As your business grows and prospers, you may add additional covers to your insurance policy. Our goal is to support the aspirations you have for your business, and in the unfortunate event of a loss, we will do our very best to have your business back up and running with minimal inconvenience and delays. BizCover Short Term Insurance is underwritten by the Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation (SRIC).

Whats does it offer you?

Cover Items

We cover all machinery, equipment, computers, stock and other general contents belonging to your business, and will indemnify you up to the limit reflected based on replacement value. You are responsible for the first amount payable of E1000 on each and every claim.

Monthly premiums range between E350.00 and E450.00

How to apply?

Who may apply?

Anyone owning a business with a turn-over of not more than E1.5 million.


Application Process and Limits of Indemnity

To view the application form, click here. The form stipulates the Limits of Indemnity.
To apply or for more information, call 2517 5310 or SMS the word “COVER” to 2345.


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