Business call account

A Business Call account is a demand account linked to your Business Current account.

What does it offer me

  • Suitable for managing liquidity – ensuring payment obligations are met while earning interest on extra funds
  • Linked to a Business Current account – cannot be opened alone
  • Flexibility when fixing a threshold for sweeps between your current and call accounts
  • Minimum deposit to earn interest on a call account is E10 000.00
  • Automatic two–way sweeping arrangement set up between current account and call account
  • Withdrawals cannot be made directly from your call account
  • No fixed investment period
  • Tiered interest rates
  • No monthly service fee.



What do I need to apply

  • Hold a Business Current account with us
  • Business registration documents
  • Proof of identity of directors/shareholders/owners/partners
  • Proof of business address.


How to apply

E-mail our trained consultants on [email protected] and they will be in touch with you very soon. You can also visit your nearest Standard Bank branch for more information.

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