Vehicle and asset financing

We offer financing under a finance lease to buy vehicles and other movable assets and equipment, including trucks, buses, earth-moving equipment and generators.

What does it offer me

  • Finance of up to 100% for passenger vehicles and 85% for other movable equipment
  • No additional security is usually required
  • Ability to structure repayments to the specific needs of your business
  • Facility is available for up to five years subject to your business meeting specific conditions.


What do I need to apply

  • Business registration documents
  • Insurance on asset financed
  • Financial statement and cash flows
  • Favourable credit bureau report
  • You may need to meet other conditions or give us more documents subject to specific borrower conditions.


How to apply

E-mail our trained consultants on and they will be in touch with you very soon. You can also visit your nearest Standard Bank branch for more information.

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Apply for a business car loan

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