Standard Bank has provided financial services to the local agricultural sector over a century and remains committed to the development of agriculture and to adding value to your farming business. We offer a range of specialised products and services, supported by the advice and expertise of a team of agricultural advisors and business managers.

Easter Special

Standard Bank Swaziland and John Deere Financial are in a collaboration agreement which is marked as a milestone in enabling access to finance Famers.


Farmers can now conveniently get customised finance solutions from Standard Bank for any farming equipments supplied by Swazi Trac, your appointed John Deere dealer.


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What does it offer me

  • We create expansion capacity for farmers; you do not have to use your own funds
  • You have access to the services of an agricultural business manager or specialised banker with a sound knowledge of agriculture, who will manage the relationship between yourself and the Bank
  • Our agricultural advisers can offer advice on Business Banking, compile comprehensive agricultural reports, and assist with strategic planning and expansion programmes
  • We provide price risk management tools to producers, processors and traders
  • Differentiated banking services include crop and livestock insurance, assurance products, wealth creation and estate planning services
  • Structured advances and loans to finance the acquisition of property, finance equipment or fund operating expenses are available


John Deere Partnership

Standard Bank and John Deere have partnered to bring farmers an attractive agricultural financing package designed to service the entire agricultural value chain. Famers can now conveniently get customised finance solutions from Standard Bank for any farming equipments supplied by John Deere, whose local agent is Swazi Trac.

Benefits to the Farmer


The Agriculture offering / solution essentially brings to the disposal of the farmer, the following benefits:


1. Convenient and flexible repayment structures

All farmers need is a financier that understands their business and its crop cycles. Standard Bank knows that cash flow is the life of a business. Hence we have accommodated farmer’s double-cropping needs in this new proposition. By supporting a healthy cash flow we are promoting, healthy business growth.


2. Customized solutions for both Commercial and Small holder farmers

The emphasis of this proposition is not on selling products but rather on offering customized solutions that will help the farmer to achieve their desired level of efficiency. When lending to farmers, Standard Bank will therefore consider not only the strength of the farmer’s balance sheet but also the productive value of the farm as a whole.


3. Access to a dedicated relationship banker

We understand that farmers seldom have the time to queue in banks or to be sent from pillar to post for query resolution. Through this proposition, a farmer will get a dedicated relationship banker who will focus on their banking needs, in this way enabling the farmer to focus on their core business - farming.


4. Increased lending periods

Flexibility in the lending period translates into affordability for the farmer. Previously the maximum tenure for a farm acquisition loan with Standard Bank was previously 7 years. This has been considerably extended for the comfort of our customers.


5. Preferential Interest rates on all agriculture loans

With this proposition, Standard Bank has aspired to offer customers the best rates in the market. Together with John Deere, we are boldly stating that farmers cannot get a better agriculture financing deal elsewhere. Further to, John Deere will provide continued support and training for the farmer on the use of John Deere equipment purchased through Standard Bank financing.


What Agricultural Financing Covers

Agribusiness financing at Standard Bank is designed to suit small, medium and large agricultural businesses. The Agribusiness Loan Scheme finances smallholder farmers and agribusiness in Swaziland. The crops financed include staple and cash crops like sugar, maize, sunflower and commercial vegetables.


The purpose of the Agribusiness Loan Scheme is to:

  • Finance smallholder farmer groups
  • Broker linkages between smallholder farmer groups, input supplies and off-takers
  • Promote farmer associations and cooperatives
  • Provide medium to long term funds for agriculture and agro-processing expansion at affordable terms
  • Support commercial farming and value-addition to agricultural products
  • Provide a security mitigation mechanism for financially, economically and technically viable projects, with appropriate management, market potential and environmental consideration.


Eligible Projects include:

  • Those requiring agricultural machinery, post-harvest handling equipment, storage and agro-processing facilities
  • Capital inputs for livestock, poultry, and horticulture


Vehicle and Asset Financing (VAF) in Agri-business

VAF is asset-based financing. It is an alternative way of accessing funding from financial institutions for movable assets. These assets must be of a good life span, identifiable and legally acceptable by the government’s law.  

 Why leasing?

  • It is an alternative source of financing
  • There is minimal or no collateral required
  • Minimal capital outlay and upfront cost is required dependent on the specialised nature of the asset
  • Matched maturity i.e. where term of lease = asset life
  • Flexibility
  • Shorter processing time
  • Easy cash flow budgeting


Examples of assets that can be purchased through VAF include tractors, processing equipment, irrigation equipment, harvesters and any other agriculture-related assets.

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