Corporate Social Investment

Our CSI initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development of the communities we operate in. Through various community interventions, our effective community re-investment will further reinforce our values and achieve our business objectives. Standard Bank Eswatini’s Corporate Social Investment expenditure is funded by an annual allocation of not less than one percent of the previous year's after-tax income from its profits.

We take a keen interest in developing underprivileged communities within our footprint in line with our brand philosophy “Eswatini is our Home, we drive her growth”. Our CSI policy encourages employee participation in community development initiatives through the Employee Community Involvement program. CSI Focus pillars • Education • Entrepreneurship Development • Health and wellness • Sports • Arts and culture.

Last year the Bank and Swaziland National Choral Music Association celebrated the 20th anniversary of their partnership in advancing arts and culture in Swaziland. Over 15 local choirs and approximately 90 000 local fans of choral music have benefited from the over E1,5 million spanning two decades that has been committed to this cause. A contribution of approximately E100 000 is made towards hosting the Standard Bank National Choral Music Championships as well choral music workshops run in schools and other activities of the SNCMA.

Standard Bank has contributed E100 000.00 towards the Junior Achievement international competition as part of our contribution towards the development of entreprenuership and innovation amongst our youth. Standard Bank thrives to forge public and private partnerships with local institutions that aspire to develop innovative expertise in an effort to grow the small medium Enterprise to develop Eswatini's economy. Eswatini is our Home, we drive Her growth. 

Standard Bank CE Mr Mvuselelo Fakudze has urged young people to use their man power for innovation and starting businesses. Fakudze said this during the third Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development Goals (TIS) dinner held at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre on Friday.

He said that there was a challenge amongst young people to think differently about a job environment.

“During my time when I went to university and looked for a job, they were in abundance compared to nowadays. “People in business make money every day, hence a profit will make you a fortune, a salary will make you a living. If you are looking for a job and have not started utilising your man-power, I think there are a lot of opportunities in innovation and starting up businesses,” he said.

He further stated that he was overwhelmed with the number of job applications in his office and his linked-in account was mostly used by people looking for jobs at Standard Bank and there is only so much he can do.