Mobile App

Offers banking functionalities on a mobile (smart phones) application on Android and iPhone Operating Systems.

How it works

Mobile banking is accessed via a short code *120*2345#. Once you have indicated that you want to be registered, you will receive an SMS on your phone with a One Time Pin which you have to use within its expiry period of 15mins to create your own secret pin (5 digits long) that you will use going forward

To get started

• Customer dials short code *120*2345#

• Enter the OTP (one time pin) received via SMS

• Following the screen prompts, customer creates their secret 5digit pin and re-enters it to confirm it

• Once confirmed customer will be presented with a menu of transactions and options that can be performed and accessed via USSD


  • Single Beneficiary Payment
  • Multiple (bulk) beneficiary payments
  • VAS Purchases – Value Added Services payments such as Buying Prepaid electricity, Paying post-paid electricity, buy airtime and data bundles (Services available differ from country to country)
  • Approve or Reject transactions that are sent by other members of the enterprise.

How to register

• You need to be a Standard Bank customer who has a debit card.

• Contact or visit your nearest branch for registration or send a free SMS with ‘YES’ and the last 8 digits of your card number to 2345

• Contact our Helpdesk at +268 2517 3000 or email

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