FuneralPlan gives you peace-of-mind knowing you can bury your loved ones with dignity and respect. A FuneralPlan from Standard Bank allows you to cover your immediate family and extended family, including your parents and parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. In the event of a death, we will assist you and your household with the costs associated with a funeral.

Who may apply?

The FuneralPlan assists any Standard Bank account holder with a transacting account, and their families.

How soon may you claim?

If you or a family member dies of natural causes, a claim may be submitted after six months of full premiums have been paid.

If a parent dies of natural causes, there is a twelve month waiting period and a minimum of twelve full monthly premiums must have been paid.

If a death occurs as a result of an accident, there is no waiting period, provided one full premium has been paid.

If the cause of a death is suicide, the claim will only be considered after 24 months from the start of the policy and 24 premiums must have been paid in full.

When does my funeral cover start?

There is a 6 month waiting period before cover commences.  There is no waiting period for the accidental death – terms and conditions apply in this instance.



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