Improved Online Banking experience coming soon

25 Oct 2016

Dear Valued Customer,


A world class digital offering is on its way that will help carry out your everyday financial needs and allow you to access your account and perform a number of services online that you normally will do in the branch or on a laptop.   Allow me to share why we’ve invested so much time in developing the NEW ONLINE BANKING solution:



    1. The service is now accessible from any device or browser with internet access.
    2. The look and feel has been simplified and online registration has been simplified with particular emphasis on password management
    3. You will now be able to stop cheques, open savings and fixed deposits accounts in real time!
    4. You will now be able to buy airtime and electricity online.



Look out for more details in the press we are planning to go live early November, however we will keep you posted on developments up until the launch.
Never Stop Moving Forward!