A hike to recognise worth and beauty

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The Shiselweni Region is a sub-national government under the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development which serves as a vehicle to decentralize national government to the grassroots level. Its mandate derives from Section 79 of the National Constitution which is to administer political and administrative issues in a democratic and participatory manner through set structures.


It is from this background that this office led by the Regional Administrator together with other government sectors, private sector and non-government stakeholders where the Mahamba Gorge Hiking event was identified as one of many crucial activities that will create awareness on the potential of the Region. The Mahamba Gorge is a dramatic mountain gorge where the Mkhondo River winds its way into the country and according to our history it is where new convents from the Mahamba church were baptized. This place was established and used as a community based tourism initiative since year 2006 and it is situated about 5 km from Mahamba Border Post and 2 km from the Swaziland historic church of Mahamba.


This event was held for the first time on the 30th March 2014 and was a huge success. Companies and individuals came in their numbers; approximately 2500 people attended and over E80 000 in cash and in kind donations were made which was evenly distributed to various charities and community projects across the Region. 


To continue promoting this historic and beautiful region, it was decided that this event will be an annual event but every year with a twist to make it bigger and better than the previous year. For the year 2016, there will be a Hiking event only and no family funday.



Achieving the "First World Status" by year 2022 –“Yithi Abantu”



  • Promote tourism, nature conservation and heritage preservation in the region
  • Promote community participation in development and empowering surrounding communities
  • Assist and/or give financial assistance to the vulnerable population


The project was launched by the Regional Administrator on 26 February 2014 at the Nhlangano Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Services (NVTRS), announcing it to be an annual event. Every year the event is to take place the last Sunday of March. Unfortunately this year this Sunday will be an Easter Sunday so we have been forced to move the event to the first Sunday of April.


  • The Gorge Hiking

The hiking is scheduled for 3rd April 2016 at Mahamba Methodist Church. There will be two trails, a longer trail covering a distance of about 7 km and a shorter route of about 4km. Registration fee will be E100 for Adults and E475 per group of 5 people to be payable into Mahamba Gorge Hiking - Standard Bank - Account № 0140099949601 or at announced registration points and dates.  The prizes will be for the best dressed team, largest group, youngest hiker, senior citizen, platinum sponsor and certificate of appreciation. 



On registration

  1. Wrist belt - (E3.00 unit)
  2. Certificate (E3.00 unit)
  3. Water - (E5.00 unit)
  4. Sling bag and (22-00 unit)
  5. Bandana (18-00 unit)


On hiking day

  1. Light meal
    1. wors rolls/sandwich - (E15.00 unit)
    2. water/juice (E5.00 unit)
    3. fruit – (E2.00 unit)


Proceeds generated from the event will benefit youth initiatives, feeding of children, and support small scale projects in surrounding communities.

The Theme of the first hiking will be maintained:  which is "Recognizing Shiselweni's Worth and Beauty". The slogan is Moving Shiselweni to First World Status.


  • Water
  • Fruits
  • Wrist bands
  • First Aid Kit & Paramedics
  • Ushers (gate keepers, parking area, hiking trails)
  • Tables, chairs, tents, generator
  • PA system with DJ
  • Prizes (certificates, trophies, promotional material)
  • Refreshments
  • Painting and signage material
  • Media coverage
  • Road rehabilitation